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  • 5 Ways To Learn 3D Printing Technologies

    One of the biggest misconceptions held by most people is that 3D printing is hard to get into. They look at all the cool stuff their friends have made but don’t imagine themselves being able to learn 3D printing without sinking too much time in it. Here we discuss 5 ways to learn 3D printing.
  • 3D Printing Construction: What Can and Can't Be Printed Using Your Printer

    Consider a typical home 3D printer, not a cutting edge model in an advanced laboratory.In this article we're going to find out what are the things we can and can't create in 3D printer. Click here to read more.

  • A Complete List of 3D Printing Materials You Will Need For Any Project

    We know that you are excited to jump right into 3D printing, but your brand new 3D printer can’t create cool things by itself. It needs materials, and it’s your job to get them.Here is a comprehensive list.
  • How Strong 3D Printed Products Are

    How long a product will last is a question all of us ask when buying anything new, whether it is an electronic device or just a decorative item. But when it comes to a 3D printer, you create your own items. So just how strong are 3D printed parts?

  • How A Typical 3D Printing Service Usually Lasts

    3D printing can be an incredibly fun and fulfilling activity. The ability to get an object of your own customized shape and design on demand is incredible. But do you really need to buy a 3D printer of your own? Find out if buying a 3D printer is the best option for you!

  • A Quick Guide to 3D Printer Parts and Software Requirements

    Maybe you are trying to assemble a 3D printer on your own. Or perhaps you just want to understand the inner workings of your 3D printer much better.

    This means learning about not just the physical parts that make up a 3D printer, but also the digital applications that power it. So let us take a quick dive into what makes a 3D printer tick.

  • 3D Printed Objects You Can Create With Your Printer

    A 3D printer is capable of printing almost anything. While the freedom of choice is a good thing, sometimes too many options can paralyze your decision making. With no clear guidelines to follow, many of us are left wondering the same question:

    What cool things can I make with a 3d printer?

  • Your Step by Step Guide On How To Use A 3D Printing Machine

    Your brand new 3D printer has just arrived, and you are itching to get started with some cool prints.Our step-by-step guide walks you through the whole 3D printing process, from loading up filaments to leveling the bed. While it will not make a 3D printing master, it will arm you with all the basic skills you need to use a 3D printing machine.
  • 3D Printer for Beginners: What You Need To Know Before Going Into 3D Printing

    There is something really exciting about having the power to make anything you want, whenever you want, right in your hands. 3D printers are changing the way we think about production, not only in an industrial or professional capacity but also in a personal one.

    But for many people out there, 3D printers are still an unknown technology. How does it work? What are the things needed? How much does it cost?

  • Stratasys and Makerbot Mobile Show Room

    This week we had an opportunity to visit the Stratasys and Makerbot Mobile Showroom (pictures below). Although we don't sell the Stratasys line it ...
  • Report Shows Industry Reduction to 3D Print Cost per Part

    3D Print Cost Per Part Decrease I'm a big fan of Sculpteo's "The State of 3D Printing Report".  Clément Moreau does an excellent job producing valu...
  • How To Reduce Your FDM/FFF Printing Costs

    Recent advances in 3D Printing and the maturation of the industry most likely has led to many of the 60% of users reporting a decrease in cost per ...