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Report Shows Industry Reduction to 3D Print Cost per Part

3D Print Cost Per Part Decrease

I'm a big fan of Sculpteo's "The State of 3D Printing Report".  Clément Moreau does an excellent job producing valuable information about key factors in the 3D printing industry. Since 3D Printing is still in its relative infancy, I love reading a (probable) black swan technology evolving to the behemoth-type potential the technology possesses. In this year's report there is a trend listed that has not appeared in the previous 5 reports that almost 2/3rds of users have shown reduced costs for printing parts. 

Screenprint from page 4 of the 2020 report

Is This Significant?

Would the significance of the stat would depend on how pervasive the reduction applies to all the differing uses of Additive Manufacturing(AM)?  The statistic is under a headline about moving AM from prototyping to production so the implication seems industrial use related. The largest representation of  respondents were for business users (59%) so if that is a good representation of real-world application then the more improved issues focused become for them that would potentially increase use overall. 

For example, 17% of respondents were education focused. If there was an increased demand in the industrial sector for more AM knowledge and skills  the market would necessitate quality training programs be in more demand. A combined 76% of the respondents state that cost of supplies was very/somewhat important to further adopting AM regardless so the excess of respondents demonstrating this improvement would need to come from outside industrial users regardless.   


There are reasons to be optimistic from the findings in the report. There are many other positive trends since the initial report was released. However, many of the same issues prevent further adoption of AM for industries. I highly recommend checking Sculpteo’s resources out. They have more worthwhile information beyond the annual report.   What trends or statistics did you find most surprising? Was my analysis off? Did I miss something even more exciting? Thanks for reading

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